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EASA Safety Information Bulletin SIB No.: 2011-15R2 highlights that care should be taken, not to disturb the operation of ATC or other aircraft when performing any transponder (or ACAS) related tests and antenna transmission covers to be used as a precaution. This Transponder Warning Equipment monitors for transmission from aircraft ATC Mode-S/ ADS-B systems and warns for accidental transponder activation. It prevents uninhibited transmissions that may affect ATC operations or airborne equipment.

The МN-1000 is an excellent tool to check correct antenna shields installation during ground testing of aircraft mode-s transponders as well as a way to monitor and warn of unwanted triggering the aircraft transponder systems. The operator interface is easy to understand by both experts and first-time users. Control and programing of the MN-1000 is performed by a touch screen on the front panel. The logs and events shown on the display are timestamped and stored in the system memory for further copying and analysis.

Up to fifteen aircrafts and their ICAO 24 Bit Codes (Unique aircraft address expressed in Hexadecimal form) can be programed in MN-1000 memory for monitoring. When it detects a downlink message transmitted by a transponder on a given aircraft, the system alerts with a red display information and (or) a beacon and (or) horn.


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