Borescope & Videoscope Inspection

Borescope inspection assist in the internal inspection of component which are inaccessible with a conventional mirror and flashlight.  In aerospace the two most common uses are the detection of corrosion and internal engine inspections.

ATBG offers borescope services for all your specific requirements in the maintenance organisation range of activity.

Onsite borescope inpection services are available when an expert is truly required to complete even the most difficult inspection applications.

The most advanced remote visual inspection and borescope inspection service technology is combined with experts and years of hands on experience to deliver comprehensive, professional on-site inspections.

We provide quick video and image documentation and a detailed report of the performed borescope inspection.

We are capable to perform borescope inspection on the following engine types:

  • CFM 56 Series
  • IAE V2500 Series
  • ALF 500 Series
  • PW120 Series

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